یُلْقِی الرُّوْحَ مِنْ اَمْرِہٖ عَلٰی مَنْ یَّشَآءُ مِنْ عِبَادِہٖ لِیُنْذِرَ یَوْمَ التَّلَاقِ


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When you are in trouble or facing a lot of troubles, then do istikhara. We are here to help you and suggest you the best solution 

اللہ اپنا بھید اپنے نیک بندوں کو عطا کرتا ہے

He instills the Spirit in whomever He wills from among His servants so that He may warn

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Other Services we are Offering

  • online istikhara
      آن لائن استخارہ
  • marriage istikhara
    شادی کے لئیے استخارہ
  • job istikhara
    نوکری استخارہ
  • divorce istikhara
    طلاق کے مسائل کے لئیے  استخارہ
  • istikhara for court issue
    عدالت کے مسئلے کے لئے استخارہ
  • istikhara for love marriage
    پسند کی شادی کے لئے استخارہ


  • istikhara for treatment
    علاج کے لئے استخارہ
  • istikhara to get rid of enemy
    استخارہ دشمن سے چھٹکارا حاصل کرنے کے لئے
  • istikhara to pass the examination
    استخارہ امتحان پاس کرنے کے لئے
  • family problems istikhara
    خاندانی مسائل استخارہ
  • istikhara to get lost things
    کھوئی ہوئی چیزیں حاصل کرنے کے لئے استخارہ
  • istikhara for business issues

Aulad kay liye Wazifa

Everyone wants a child after marriage but some time due to some reasons they didn’t fulfill the wish. However, we will give you dua to perform or read INSHA ALLAH with the grace of ALLAH you will have a child.

Wazifa for Love Marriage

A lot of people do dua istikhara for love marriage to ask Allah about the decision they have made but some of them don’t know how to perform istikhara. if you are not able to do istikhara by yourself or you want us to do istikhara on your behalf contact us now.

Online dua for Divorce

In married life, there are many issues that come from time to time and if you don’t solve the issue it will lead you to the divorce but, you will save it by doing dua for divorce or tell us about your problem. After that, we will give you wazifa to save your divorce.

Online Rohani ilaj

Rohani Ilaj is known as Spiritual Treatment in Islam. Rohani Ilaj is one of the best methods to solve all the problems in your life. People who are facing a different kind of disease but they don’t know what to do now and they are fed up with problems. We are here to help you out in this difficult time with istikhara dua & wazifa.