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Wazifa for Getting Pregnant Fast - Istikhara Centre

Wazifa for Getting Pregnant Fast

Some married couple remains childless, even after many years of marriage. It’s ever couple dream to become parent. No doubt a child can bring uncountable happiness to your life. We as a Muslimbelieves that everything happens with the will of Allah, and in Quran Allah have given us solution to our every problem. Keep your firm faith in Allah andmake dua to become pregnant.

Surah to get pregnant fast

If a women is not getting pregnant even after so many years have passed. This can be because of any medical condition such as irregular periods, PCOS etc. Be positive and don’t lose hope. Do ASTAGFAR for your previous sins and seek Allah’s forgiveness. Make sure to get your self-treated from a good doctor first while doing this wazifa.

  • Make ablution
  • Offer Farz prayer 5 times a day
  • Recite surah al Baqarah 163 verse and surah al Anbiyaa 89 verse in a fixed number as you desired (for example 101 times each)

After completing make dua for successful pregnancy. In sha Allah you will get pregnant very soon.

SurahMaryam for getting pregnant

A woman can be worried that her age is passing and after trying so many things she is still unable to conceive. If you are that women and looking for surah for conceiving a baby then your answer is Surah Maryam. Among many benefits of surah Maryam, one benefit is its helps in getting pregnant fast, it ease the process of birth and it can be recite for better health of your child.

One of the best dua is “ Rabbiblatazarnifardanwa-anta khayrulwariseen”. Recite this dua as often as you can and ask Allah to bless you with a healthy baby. There are many Wazifa to get pregnant but we don’t know where they are exactly mention in Quran. If the doctors have declared you infertile, still you should not lose hope and do Wazifa to get pregnant fast. Having a child is the best thing in the world. So keep faith in Allah and recite Dua for pregnancyuntil you get good news.

  • Make ablution
  • Offer Magrib prayer
  • Recite surah ale- Imran 38 verse of Holy Quran 7 times
  • After completing make duas for getting pregnant

This Wazifa can only be done by the woman who wants to get pregnant. There is no fixed time period for this Wazifa. This Wazifa can be performed until you become pregnant.

Dua for getting pregnant in Islam

After every Farz prayer, recite “YaMutaKabbiroYa Wahid” 100 times. Recite 3 times Durood-e-Ibrahime at the beginning and at the end. After finishing make dua for asking Allah for a child. In Sha Allah very soon you will become parents.

Wazifa to Get Pregnant Fast

  • Make a fresh ablution.
  • first of all, start Darood Ibrahim 3 times.
  • After Darood read this dua.
  • Again read Darood for 3 times.