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Best Dua for Marrying Someone to Fall in Love With You & Attraction

Dua for Marrying someone you love

After communicate with a god, supplication, or dua, is the next best thing to invocation. As a part of our faith and belief, it is essential. We pray to Allah, the Almighty, for everything in our lives, big or small. When we pray to Allah, we are able to communicate with Him, and as a result, we become closer to Him. As a result, the supplicant’s connection to Allah Almighty is strengthened by the recitation of Dua. Following is the dua for marrying someone you love. Have a strong faith on Allah and recite this.

Here, I will try to help you by sharing some duas that will be of great benefit for you if you are tensed about having a suitable partner for marriage or if you want to convince someone to marry you.

In the current era, youth wants to get married to the person they admire, like and love from bottom of their hearts. They might not be willing to spend their whole life with a person of not his/ her own choice as they know what type of qualities, they are looking for in their life partner.

Even if someone get married to a person of someone else’s/ family’s choice then, probably they will not be living a happier life as they will always be feeling sad or depressed about not having the person in their life, they were in love with.

Making decisions to choose a suitable life partner is every individual’s right however, things might not always go the way you wanted or planned for.

There could be several reasons for this, for example;

Often there could be a situation that a person who loves someone immensely, hesitate to convey his/ her message, someone might not know how to propose or reach the person, he/ she is in love with, the persons might be reluctant or don’t have enough courage to inform their family about his/ her relationship or liking and there could be a possibility that the other person do not want to marry you.

In this undesired situation, when you feel helpless about your marriage life, you shall pray to Allah Subhan Waa Taa’la and perform wazifa to make things go in the right way. You shall have complete faith on him and ask for his mercy. Allah almighty will surely help you to come out of all this.

I state of Wuzu, make the below mentioned dua and ask Allah for his mercy;


  1. Darood Sharif – 5 Times
  2. Surah-e-Ikhlas – 31 Times
  3. Pray Allah for your Nikkah with the person you like.

Dua to marrying someone you love

Recite this Ayet 15 times with surah Fatiha blow on any sweet and make him/her eat it, INSHA ALLAH he/she will start loving you. you can do it more times if the process is slow.

dua for love